Dwell Bible App

Product Update - Read Along

App Design
Dwell Bible App Concept

Dwell is a bible app that allows you to listen to scripture in the way that fits you. Its main function allows users to explore scripture through daily listening plans, topical playlists, curated stories & passages, and more. As the app and user base continued to grow they realized that users wanted more of a dual approach as it pertains to the player, thus introducing the 'Read Along'.

The 'Read Along' feature was one of the most recent additions to the app, where the user has the ability to toggle between 'Listen' mode and 'Read Along' mode. 'Listen' mode is focused on audible scripture and 'Read Along' allows you to not only listen to scripture but also read along. The 'Read Along' mode has additional functions, such as the ability to scroll up or down and tap on verses they'd like to hear next. When the user taps on a single verse the screen pushes to that particular section. This is allows the user to jump back and forth in the text  without the need to perform a continuous scroll.

Dwell Player User Flow

The user flow shown above, shows the users journey to access the 'Listen' and 'Read Along' screens.